Kura-Araz economic-geographical region print

Kura-Araz economic region is situated in a favorable geographical position. Great Caucasus in the North, Lesser Caucasus in the South west, Lankaran economic region in the South and Caspian Sea in the East are the borders of the region. The total area of the region covers 21.430 km2 and comprises 24.7 % of the country’s territory.
More than half of the economic region is covered with plains below sea level and formed with Kura, Araz rivers. The left bank of Kura River covered with Shirvan plain, whereas Garabagh, Mil plain on the right bank and Mughan and Salyan plains in the south of low part of Kura River. Dry subtropical climate is typical for the region.
Annual amount of solar luster equals 2400 hours. According to the average temperature of the coldest month, the severe of the winter for the area passes much milder (2.5-0° C) and the mildest (5-2.5° C). Kura-Araz economic region is the least rainy area of the country (200-400 mm). Feasible evaporation for warm periods (April-October) is around 800-1000 mm.
The number of arid days is ranging between 5-25 days between June and September months and the middle annual rate of the wind changes around 2-4 m/second and less. Continentalness of the climate changes around middle continental ranges (till 205 ratios). The length of nonfrost during the year is 225-250 days or more, but the amount of days with temperature below 0° C is 10-20 days and even less.