Kalbajar- Lachin economic-geographical region print

The region is situated in the South-Western part of the Republic with Zangilan, Gubadli, Lachin and Kalbajar areas. The total area of the region covers 4,600 km2 with 3 cities (Zangelan, Kalbajar, Lachin) and 2 urban type settlements (Gubadli, Istisu).
The landscape of the region is mountainous. East Goycha in North-Western part, Murovdagh in the North and Garabagh chain in the east are borders of the region. The Western range extends in central part and it becomes lower towards Araz River valley and turns to slope valley. The main peaks of the territory are Garnish (3724 m), Dalidagh (3616 m), Gizilboghaz (3562 m), Boyuk Ishighli (3552 m). Cretaceous, Paleogene and Neocene sediments have spread in the territory. The climate is temperate warm with dry summers in plains and low areas and cold climate in high mountainous areas.
The main rivers of the region are Bazarchay (Bargushad), Hakari with its tributaries. Alagol and Garagol lakes locate in the territory.
Turfen mountain meadow, brown and brown mountain forest is the soil spread in the region.
The main plants consist of subalpine and alpine meadows. The forests (74.7000 ha) cover the Southern part of Murovdagh chain and the Western part of Garabagh chain. The region is rich with high resort recreation potential and mineral resources. The total area of the region is 3.771 km2; forests and bushes cover 21.9% of the territory. The region possesses complex climate and soil conditions with cold resistant birch and hot stout juniper - turkish terebinth forests. The plant species of the forests are beech, hornbeam, oak. maple, birch trees as well as rare plants as wild almond, juniper, yew and bear nut. As the Kalbajar-Lachin region has been under occupation of Armenian forces, there is not any information about current situation of rare plants and tree monuments at present.